Make, share and learn at the 2015 Burlington Mini Maker Faire!

Make, share and learn from our 70+ maker exhibitors at Holly Hill Mall, Saturday April 25th. Be sure to watch the Near Space Balloon Launch with Blessed Sacrament School students at noon! It will behind the blue BetaBox at the back parking lot. This is a rain or shine event. Most exhibits are inside, so come join us no matter the weather!  Download PDF of program here. 2015-BMMF-Program-cover 2015-BMMF-Program-map 2015-BMMF-Program-sponsors

Calling All Makers!

Makers, Crafters and Performers Wanted!


  • Do you have a cool project you’d like to share?
  • Would you like to share your knowledge or skills?
  • Want to promote a love of learning and doing?
  • Do you know anyone else who wants to share a project?

Burlington Mini Maker Faire is April 25 at Holly Hill Mall, 10am -5pm.

Signup deadline is less than 2 weeks away!

Applications for Maker Exhibits are being accepted through the end of March. Sign up for FREE EXHIBIT SPACE to share your cool projects, skills, maker business, school group, or artwork.

Exhibit space is assigned on a first-come first-serve basis and based upon merit. Space is filling up fast (especially for groups, maker spaces, and larger projects) so make sure to sign up sooner than later! (please share with all of your Maker Friends!)

>>> Fill out our Call For Makers Application.

>>> Check out the awesome Exhibitors we have so far!

Makers Make – 3D Printing of DanHoven

FSS6FZTI0C952EL.SQUARE3Guest blogger, Dan Porter is a 3D printing enthusiast and Burlington Mini Maker Faire Alum, who has been a strong supporter of Alamance Makers Guild until opportunity took him to San Francisco. His new office overlooks the San Francisco Bay, as he works as a 3D Printing Engineer at AutoDesk, the owner of DIY site Instructables. Dan’s last adventure in 3D printing before heading west was DanHoven, a realistic 3D model of his head joined to Bethoven’s bust.

makerbot-store3-8006330439_78090a4faa_bNew York City, Home to Makerbot

While in New York for World Maker Faire, I made it a point to visit Makerbot, one of the first companies to put its focus on 3D printers the average person could afford. When we arrived at the small storefront, I felt just like when I went to Toys ‘R’ Us as a kid to plot my monumental wish list for Santa.

I soared through the store soaking in all of the moving parts of printers, the eccentric colors of their filament, and the novel gizmos and bobbles they printed. And it was all for sale.

Danhoven_ScanThen I spotted the coup de grâce. It was their 3D scanner and for only $5 I could get 3 professionally scanned 3D models of my head! The scanner whizzed around me, and collected data as I sat still, looking forward. On each of the three passes, I contorted my face a different way — stoic, smiling, snickering. The scans were uploaded and waiting for retrieval on my Thingiverse account.

From 3D Scan to Bust

beethoven-bust-thenewhobbyistI knew I wanted to print a bust of myself, and wearing a t-shirt during the bust scan did not convey the grandeur I was looking for. Stuck with this puzzle for a month or so, I stumbled across the missing piece — a program called MeshMixer, a free software by Autodesk. It allows you to easily merge 3D files together and apply small corrections like sculptor would to clay. It’s an extremely useful piece of software and exactly what I needed to move forward.


I searched Thingiverse for historic busts that had been 3D scanned by other folks, and was surprised to find very few examples. One however was a definite gem and inspired me to push on. It was a bust of Beethoven by TheNewHobbyist. The rest became rather simple. I loaded the 3D scan of my head into Mesh Mixer with the 3D file of Beethoven’s bust, deleted Beethoven ‘s head, and then merged my head onto his shoulders thus giving myself some very dapper attire!

3D Print Round 1A 4″ model of my bust would sit nicely on my desk, so I scaled it down and exported the STL file to a USB stick. I was now ready to 3D print my model. The printer I used was designed and produced by Fusion 3 Designs in Greensboro, NC. The only steps left now we’re to put a little Elmer’s glue in the print bed to hold it in place and press the big Go button.

You can see the results. DanHoven is currently sitting on my work desk where I hope to trick passers-by that I have an actual historic bust on my desk like a real sophisticated person.

20150227_103156Not Quite Done Yet.

There are two steps I’d like to take next to further the project. First, I’d like to edit the Beethoven base of the model to be a little smoother so that it will match my head in appearance better. And second, I’d like to try painting the bust to look like actual stone, therefore upping my pretend classiness.

2014 was Year of the Maker!

Alamance Makers Guild 2014
Year in Review

Year of the Maker

Make Magazine declared 2014 “Year of the Maker” and based on the amazing year the Alamance Makers Guild had in 2014 they were right! Thanks to a shared love of learning, spirit of community outreach, and spirit of volunteerism supporters of the Alamance Makers Guild helped our organization grow by leaps and bounds in 2014.

AMG-logo2014 saw a tremendous increase in community outreach, field trips, regional Maker Faire participation, learning and social connections to other Maker Spaces, and support for other organizations within our community of Alamance County NC.

Our Maker Year was energized in June with the President of the United States recognizing the Maker Movement as the “next big thing” on par with a second industrial revolution or the next step in the growing information age. This recognition came thanks to the Maker Movement’s power to bring back manufacturing to the US, create new jobs, improve opportunities for STEM Education, and generally boost communities. The President declared June 18th a “National Day of Making” and the White House produced the first ever White House Maker Faire. Ben Harris (Founder of the Alamance Makers Guild) was rewarded for our efforts at community building here in Alamance County with an invitation to the White House for the first White House Maker Faire as one of 16 “Honored Maker Attendees.” Out of fifty states, many bigger cities, and 316 million Americans this is a huge recognition of the work we are doing here in Alamance County! (Everyone involved in the Alamance Makers Guild had a part in getting us this recognition!)

Regular Open Meetings of the Alamance Makers Guild 2014


3D Printing fun at Blessed Sacrament School for our Dec AMG Meeting and Potluck.

Since June of 2011 the core of Alamance Makers Guild activity has centered around a regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Meetings are free and open to the public and always involve some kind of speaker, demonstration, or hands-on activity. Meetings are also the time for Show-N-Tell, an opportunity for folks to show off their projects and ideas. Its always amazing and humbling to see the amazing talents, skills, and imagination represented by the projects at Show-N-Tell. In 2014 we continued to hold the majority of our open meetings at Sylvan Learning Center of Burlington. Many thanks to Sylvan for hosting our meetings and helping us grow! 2014 also saw opportunities to host some of our regular meetings at May Memorial Library, Game Over Comics and Collectables, and at Blessed Sacrament School of Burlington. As always MiMi’s Pizza of Burlington provided gourmet Pizza Buffet Style for an affordable price for our meetings. (we always joke that people come for the Pizza more so than anything else!) Thank you MiMi’s!

Topics and speakers from our 2014 Open Meetings:

  • January: Art of the Oscilloscope – Ben Harris (at Game Over Comics)
  • February: Canceled due to Ice Storms and bad weather
  • March: Chain Maile – Art and Fashion – Zac Schell-Designs
  • April: Burlington Mini Maker Faire and related Meetings (Pre/Post)
  • May: New IO Tech Oculus Rift/Google Glass/Leap Motion – Tony Crider
  • June: “I’m a Maker and so are You!” interactive talk at May Memorial Library – Ben Harris
  • July: “Building a Lamp / Writing an Instructable” – Dan Porter and Danny Oakley
  • August: 3D Printing FreeForAll
  • September: Origami at the Library
  • October: Talk by Wood Turner/Inventor/Maker James Duxbury
  • November: Electric Vehicles – Ken Clayton
  • December: Holidays Pot Luck Dinner + Digital Fab Ornaments (at Blessed Sacrament School) {special guest ShopBot Tools of Durham bringing in a HandiBot to make wooden ornaments}

We learned Origami in September!

AMG members learn about Electric Vehicles from Ken Clayton in November.

Maker Faire Involvement for 2014

Since 2012 the Alamance Makers Guild has been involved in Maker Faire North Carolina in Raleigh, and has also worked to develop, promote, and produce the Burlington Mini Maker Faire. 2014 was a year of expansion with support for other regional Maker Faire events and thanks to volunteers taking time away from their jobs and families we were able to represent the Alamance Makers Guild at Eight Faires this year! Highlights included media interviews at the Atlanta Maker Faire, Ben’s trip to the White House for the White House Maker Faire, and “Best in Class” and “Editor’s Choice” awards for the exhibit at World Maker Faire in New York.

Danny and Ben at Atlanta Mini Maker Faire.

Danny Oakley and Ben at Atlanta Mini Maker Faire.

2014 Community Outreach and Other Events


Dan Porter representing AMG, sets up at First Fridays in Burlington and shows off his 3D printed bunnies.

In addition to our monthly open meetings and our involvement in Maker Faire activites around the region, 2014 saw a huge up-tick in community outreach for the Alamance Makers Guild. We’ve worked together to get involved in the community and to support local STEM Education. Supporters of the Alamance Makers Guild put on Maker Exhibits at many local events and also took field trips around the community and state to learn from other Maker Spaces, support Arts events, and grow our own Maker Community.

  • May: Exhibited at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School’s Math and Science Night (in support of STEM Education)
  • May: Toured the Fab Lab at Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville VA
  • June: Steam Punk Costume Maker Build Party (Teen Event) at Game Over Comics
  • June: Teen Steam Punk Ball at May Memorial Library June: Took Part in ARRL National Field Day supporting K4EG The Alamance Amateur Radio Club
  • June: Ben attended “Contemporal” a Steam Punk Convention in Raleigh NC (in support of Brett King, Dave Lee, and Stephen Chapman, also made more contacts for the Burlington Mini Maker Faire)
  • June: By invitation, Ben and Danny attended the “Maker Summit” in Arlington VA and learned about the study “Impact of the Maker Movement” by Delloite University Press. While there they were able to network with national and international Makers, Educators, Government Officials, and Industry Officials.
  • July: Helped with “Maker Day” at May Memorial Library
  • July: Attended the grand opening of “The Forge” a new Maker Space in Greensboro NC
  • July: Petitioned the Mayor of Burlington and the Burlington City Council to become involved in the “Mayor’s Maker Challenge” a joint project of the Office of Science and Technology Policy at the White House and the Manufacturers Alliance of Communities. (Burlington joined and we now have a Maker Liason with City Government)
  • August: Exhibited at 4th Friday in Downtown Burlington
  • August: Exhibited at the WHODAT Music Festival at DooDad Farm.
  • August: Exhibited at “Engineers Day” at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham NC
  • September: Ben, Ilsa, and Kindle attended a day-long Maker Faire Producers Workshop prior to World Maker Faire. The afternoon session was all about Maker Cities and Maker Communities. September: Ben took part (and spoke briefly) at “The State of Alamance” event held by the Triad Business Journal at Alamance Community College. The focus was on Education in Alamance County.
  • October: Exhibited and Supported Manufacturing Night at the Forge in Greensboro
  • October: Exhibited at the 4th Annual Piedmont Green Gala October: Ben spoke at the “Tectonic Plates Science Cafe” at the Fat Frogg in Elon NC about Citizen Science and the Maker Movement
  • October: Took part in the Alamance Artisan’s Tour in specific supporting Ann Hobgood’s “Recycled Folks”
  • October: Took part in the Artstock Studio Tour in specific supporting Jim Gallucci’s Sculpture Studio
  • November: Supported Blessed Sacrament School’s Open House for STEM Science (STREAM Program)
  • November: Supported the Western Alamance High School Robotics Club as they hosted a First Technology Challenge Robotics Scrimmage at Elon University.
  • November: Attended a meeting of the Piedmont Triad Woodturners (Supporting a ShopBot Demonstration)
  • December: Attended the Triangle Blacksmith’s Guild Meeting and toured arts facilities December: Attended the Open House at the Foothills Community Workshop Makerspace in Granite Falls NC.
  • December: Ben spoke at the “Switchpoint MAKER” event in Raleigh NC
  • December: Supported the Western Alamance High School Robotics Club and other regional First Technology Challenge Robotics Team by volunteering at the Regional Qualifier Event. AMG members acted as judges, referees, score keepers, and volunteers
  • December: Fielded a team of volunteers for “Maker Day at the Museum” Holiday Maker Workshops at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham

Other big news and growth in 2014

In 2014 the city of Burlington North Carolina signed up to be involved in the “Mayor’s Maker Challenge” The Challenge is a project created by the Office of Science and Technology Policy at the White House, and the Manufacturing Alliance of Communities, a DC Think Thank centered around the Manufacturing Industry. The Challenge came about as part of the White House Maker Faire and the National Day of Making. The Mayor of Burlington and the Burlington City Council approved Burlington’s joining the Challenge in July of this year and Ben spoke before a City Council Meeting pledging the Alamance Makers Guild support for the City as we continue to grow a Maker Community here. The city appointed Rachel Kelly, communications officer for the City of Burlington as Burlington’s “Maker Liason.” Since July Ben and Rachel have participated on conference calls with the White House and are working together to bring together different individuals, organizations, schools, and businesses around Burlington. We will see more work and opportunities coming out of the Mayor’s Maker Challenge in 2015 and beyond.

In 2014 the Alamance Makers Guild became involved with Blessed Sacrament School of Burlington. Blessed Sacrament School is a private K-8 school on a mission to be one of the best STEM schools in the nation. After seeing newspaper articles about Ben’s trip to the White House Maker Faire, BSS’s Assistant Principal Tiffany Stalek attended an Alamance Makers Guild meeting to check out what we were all about and find out what opportunities might exist for working together for the benefit of BSS Students. Since June Ben and other members of the Alamance Makers Guild have been supporting Blessed Sacrament by attending and volunteering at Open House events, acting as advisors on STEM Education programs, speaking to the students for STREAM Friday events, and working to connect Students, Teachers, and Parents to the Makers Guild. We’ve also connected Blessed Sacrament School to the folks at NC Near Space Research and are helping them with a semester long project to design, build, launch, recover, analyze, and publish results based upon multiple Hydrogen Near Space Balloon Missions to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere. These missions will be launched at the 2015 Burlington Mini Maker Faire. Thanks to their amazing administration, teachers, staff, parents, and students (with some small amount of help from the Alamance Makers Guild), Blessed Sacrament School was awarded “Recognized STEM School of Distinction” from the NC State Department of Public Instruction. They are one of only 12 schools (and the only private school) to achieve this honor in 2014.

In 2014 the Alamance Makers Guild continued our support of the First Technology Challenge Robotics Program here in Alamance County. AMG Supporter Jochen Fisher is the advisor and coach of the Western Alamance High School Robotics Club and High School students involved in the club had a great year including hosting scrimmage events at Elon University in January and December, and then hosting a Regional Qualifying Round at Western Alamance High School. Jochen and the students of “Appeture Science” have attended many AMG events including exhibiting at the Burlington Mini Maker Faire. Alamance Makers Guild supporters helped out at the various First Robotics events around the area as judges, referees, score keepers, volunteers, and supporting spectators. Congratulations to Western Alamance High School Robotics Club for their achievements in 2014. Congratulations also to local Home-School Robotics Team “Plan B.”

The art and whimsy of Steam Punk continued to be a strong thread running through the Alamance Makers Guild in 2014. AMG Supporter Stephen Chapman published his first Steam Punk Novel “The Stonehenge Rift” this year. The Alamance Makers Guild also supported the “Teen Steam Punk Ball” held at May Memorial Library this summer, including a costume build party at Game Over Comics prior to the event. Ben also attended “Contemporal” in Raleigh to support our Steam Punk Supporters and Friends. Stephen Chapman, Dave Lee, and Brett King all had amazing exhibits at the event. Brett is the “Maker Coordinator” of Contemporal and put together some great panels for costume and prop builders, and an amazing exhibit at the Bizarre Bazaar. Through this outreach we also made new friends and may have recruited some amazing exhibits for the 2015 Burlington Mini Maker Faire. Throughout the year Stephen and Brett always amazed and entertained with their latest projects for Show-N-Tell at AMG open meetings.

We took our first steps at generating seed money for our future Maker Space for Alamance County in 2014. In the late summer Ben used his small Maker Business “Harris Educational” to launch a Kickstarter Crowd Funding Campaign around his Reivnenting Science Kits. Ben developed a new kit about Electromagnetism, and also offered existing kits like Reinventing Edison Build your own Light Bulb in custom engraved versions as rewards for the Kickstarter. The goal of the Kickstarter was two fold, generate funds to pay for expenses related to attending World Maker Faire and the Atlanta Maker Faire, and after expenses were paid, generate seed money that could go towards equipment and other expenses for starting our future Maker Space. The Kickstarter was a success passing our goal of $3500 and bringing in pledges of $6523.00 from 119 backers. Funds from the Kickstarter are being used to purchase a Printrbot Simple Metal Kit (with heated bed) and will suplement the future purchase of a Laser Cutter. These tools will be owned by Harris Educational but Alamance Makers Guild members will have access to the tools during the transitional period between now and when the Maker Space opens, and then in the space once the space is open. Thank you to everyone who promoted, supported, or donated to the Kickstarter!

Alamance Makers Guild In the News in 2014AMG-logo

The Alamance Makers Guild is making a splash in the community and as a result we, and our supporters have had some exposure in the media. Here are some of the stories about the Alamance Makers Guild from 2014.

Thanks to everyone who made 2014 an amazing year for the Alamance Makers Guild! Special thanks to Ilsa Spaan, Danny Oakley, Dan Porter, Kindle Cherry, Brian Byrd, Dick Snow, Nim Batchelor, Jochen Fischer (Plus Sons and Members of the Western Alamance Robotics Club), Angela Parrish, Corey Gillespie, Victor Cardenas, Michael Wood, Tiffany Stalek, Jack Martin, Chelsea Cattouse-Wilson, Mark Smith, Sarah and Tony Congdon, Jennifer Walker-Westmoreland, Brett King, Stephen Chapman, Jessica Harris, Amanda Avery, Matthew Hux, Heather Lagarde, Ian Baltutis, James Duxbury, Ann Hobgood, Ken Clayton, Darrian Stokes, Erin Loveland, Lee Atkinson, John Linville, Charles Wade, Wardelia Enoch, Bob Gusak, Emily Mathews, Joel Leonard, Randy Tate, Christopher Tate, Lon Cecil, Jessica Olson, Tricia Moss (and family), Michelle Folkman, Jim Branley, Kris Wiedenheft, Mitch McCollum, Tony Crider, Jimmy Xoinis, Terri Jones, Cary Worthy, Zac Schell, John Cassie and Sabrina Otero, and Matthew Wade.

10 Gifts You Can Make From Your Vinyl Record Collection

If you’re running out of ideas for that last minute Christmas present, here are 10 crafty gift ideas you can make from your old records. Via Makezine.

Burlington Maker Getting Noticed

Hey look, Burlington Mini Maker Faire founder and director Ben Harris is in the news again talking about STEM education, his successful Kickstarter campaign and what we are doing locally to create our maker space.

image of EV Challenge participants using the simulator\

EV Challenge participants using the simulator as featured on the ShopBot blog

Ben is featured by
ShopBot Tools
and on Slashdot!

Check out this glowing article from our friends (and Burlington Mini Maker Faire Alums) at ShopBot Tools.

Slashdot featured Ben on their homepage! During the Atlanta Maker Faire, he discusses his EV Challenge Simulator Kits as well as other ongoing projects. Watch the video here.

North Carolina Welcomes Its Newest Maker Space “The Forge”

New York Here We Come!

ben-mfnyOur own Ben Harris will be exhibiting his maker made STEM Science Kits at the World Maker Faire in New York later this month. Alamance Makers Guild members, Dan Porter, Kindle Cherry and me, Ilsa Spaan will be tagging along (and Ben’s nephew Brian) to help him man the booth at the two day event that is expected to attract over 75,000 people.

Ben’s company, Harris-Educational makes Reinventing Science Kits, which are used in classrooms and homes across the US. He will soon begin a Kick Starter to raise funds that will allow him to expand the Reinventing Science Kit line to give students more opportunities to explore and learn science.

Current STEM Reinventing Science Kits include:

Reinventing Edison STEM Science KitReinventing Edison: Build Your Own
Light Bulb
A fun science kit designed to excite and engage experimenters of all ages as they recreate the experiments that lead to the development of the first real light bulb.


RS-TGI-Full-KitReinventing Morse: Build Your Own Telegraph
A fun science kit designed recreate the experiments that lead to the development of the first successful electrical telegraph.


Bennett Harris founded Harris Educational, the Alamance Makers Guild, and the Burlington Mini Maker Faire. and was one of 16 ”Honored Maker Attendees” at the first White House Maker Faire.

2015 Burlington Mini Maker Faire Announced

Building STEAM in Burlington

Science – Technology – Engineering – Arts – Math

Burlington is building STEAM as a place Learn and to Make. Alamance Makers Guild, along with our other great sponsors is gearing up to present our 4th Annual Burlington Mini Maker Faire.

Save the date, for the Greatest Show & Tell in the Piedmont!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Holly Hill Mall and Business Center, Burlington, North Carolina

Call for Makers!

  • Do you make something cool or have a project to share?
  • Would you like to share you knowledge or skills?
  • Want to help promote a love of learning and doing?

Sign up to exhibit at the Burlington Mini Maker Faire. IT’S FREE! We will be taking entries beginning December this year thru March 1, 2015. So begin now to plan your exhibit!

2014 Burlington Mini Maker Faire

Maker Faire is a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, art, play, and learning and its coming back to Burlington NC for its second year at the Holly Hill Mall and Business Center on Saturday April 12th!

We invite you and your family to come out for a fun time at Holly Hill Mall and Business Center here in Burlington NC. Visit the makers, builders, inventors, artists, programmers, educators, and boffins of the Alamance Makers Guild and other great NC Makers. Interact with cool projects, meet robots, learn about 3D printing, make something with your own two hands, get your steampunk on, learn to solder, share your own ideas, and much more!

Come out and be inspired to make something new yourself! Be a part of our growing maker community!



Admission to our maker faire is free for everyone!  We’re also going to give away some door prizes made by our makers and donated by our sponsors for folks who register for free tickets and bring the printout with them to the faire.

Gather up the kids, grab Grandma and Grandpa, pile your neighbors in the car and head out to the Maker Faire at Holly Hill Mall on Saturday April 12th 2014!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Want to know more?

  • Learn more about Maker Faire (Check out the “About” tab)
  • Attend the Burlington Maker Faire (Check out the “Attend” tab)
  • Learn more about our Makers and their Projects
    (Check out the “Makers” tab)

Want to exhibit your own projects or help us with the Maker Faire?

The Burlington Mini Maker Faire is a community project of the Alamance Makers Guild, a social group of makers that formed in July of 2011.  It is our goal to open a Maker Space for Alamance County and one way of making that happen is by connecting to the community through Maker Faire and helping folks learn about the Maker Movement.  If you’d like to be a part of our group, attend our meetings and special events, share or exhibit your own projects, or just check us out then use the following resources:

Help us Spread the Word!

Maker Faire is all about community and so we are asking you to help us spread the word about the Burlington Mini Maker Faire.  Contact your friends, share this page, post about us on facebook, mention us @AlamanceMakers #BurlingtonMakerFaire on Twitter.  If you or your family, friends, or neighbors live within comfortable driving distance from our events, then share this with them!


The Burlington Mini Maker Faire isn’t the first or the only Maker Faire here in the great state of North Carolina. The first NC Maker Faire was held in Durham in 2010, and for the last three years its been held in the Kerr Scott Building at the NC State Fair Grounds in Raleigh. Our Maker Faire is meant as a sister event to our big brother in Raleigh, inspired by their tenacity and bringing Making to the Piedmont Triad region.

The 2013 Maker Faire North Carolina event was held earlier this year on June 15th and beat their own expectations for attendance (more than 5000 people came to see the big show!)  In fact they’ve grown large enough they may have to find a new home for 2014!  You can learn more at their website and fan page:

Keep June 2014 clear on your calendars to support Maker Faire NC!

Thanks for visiting our page. We look forward to meting you at the Burlington Mini Maker Faire on Saturday April 12th.