At the Burlington Mini Maker Faire members of the Alamance Makers Guild and other NC makers will be on hand to exhibit, demonstrate, explain, and talk to you about their creative, technical, artistic, and educational projects.  Some projects will be interactive and provide YOU with the opportunity to play and learn!

Check this page often for a list of the makers who will be exhibiting with us on April 12th at the Holly Hill Mall and Business Center.  (we’ll update this page as we add each new maker and exhibit!

List of 2014 BMMF Exhibitors

EXHIBIT: roblox makers
EXHIBITOR: becky herndon

EXHIBIT: tectonic plates: alamance county’s science cafe

EXHIBIT: noyce scholars program
EXHIBITOR: elon university

EXHIBIT: fusion 3 design 3d printers
EXHIBITOR: chris padgett

EXHIBIT: digital lake
EXHIBITOR: karen niemczyk

EXHIBIT: neuroscience
EXHIBITOR: elon university

EXHIBIT: robomustache
EXHIBITOR: charles wade

EXHIBIT: 105th squad vader’s fist pump
EXHIBITOR: thomas fascaldo

EXHIBIT: crider family projects
EXHIBITOR: tony crider

EXHIBIT: shop bot tools
EXHIBITOR: sallye coyle

EXHIBIT: wood turning
EXHIBITOR: nim batchelor

EXHIBIT: splat space
EXHIBITOR: joe diver

EXHIBIT: stephan chapman steampunk
EXHIBITOR: stephan chapman

EXHIBIT: steampunk art
EXHIBITOR: jeff cohn

EXHIBIT: giant steampunk robot
EXHIBITOR: brett king

EXHIBIT: teva stem cycle
EXHIBITOR: jack martin

EXHIBIT: radio flyer car
EXHIBITOR: edwin ingle

EXHIBIT: first robotics team 2655
EXHIBITOR: joshua hutchins

EXHIBIT: alamance makers guild:youth branch
EXHIBITOR: sabrina otero

EXHIBIT: first robotics scrimmage arena
EXHIBITOR: jochen fisher

EXHIBIT: wishbass
EXHIBITOR: stephen wishnevsky

EXHIBIT: interactive musical tesla coils
EXHIBITOR: robert beck

EXHIBIT: catcher
EXHIBITOR: joshua fitzgerald

EXHIBIT: print making
EXHIBITOR: kristi nobers

EXHIBIT: east of elon brewing cooperative
EXHIBITOR: ian baltutis

EXHIBIT: nc nearspace
EXHIBITOR: paul lowell

EXHIBIT: k4eg ham radio
EXHIBITOR: randy tate

EXHIBIT: bricks 4 kidz

EXHIBIT: math origami
EXHIBITOR: elon university

EXHIBIT: health science
EXHIBITOR: elon university

EXHIBIT: exercise science
EXHIBITOR: elon university

EXHIBIT: retro tinker’s coco projects
EXHIBITOR: John linville

EXHIBIT: gaming and computer club
EXHIBITOR: elon university

EXHIBIT: hour of code
EXHIBITOR: elon university

EXHIBIT: efland cheeks elementary school makers club
EXHIBITOR: kristin debell

EXHIBIT: recycled folks
EXHIBITOR: ann hobgood

EXHIBIT: mark plaga art and laser cutting
EXHIBITOR: mark plaga

EXHIBIT: make and take exhibit
EXHIBITOR: May memorial library

EXHIBIT: paper roller coasters
EXHIBITOR: andrew gatt

EXHIBIT: act/react: uno pi in launchpad
EXHIBITOR: kerry krauss

EXHIBIT: pup-in-a-poke
EXHIBITOR: angi parrish

EXHIBIT: university biology club
EXHIBITOR: elon university

EXHIBIT: environmental science
EXHIBITOR: elon university

EXHIBIT: bob gusek 3d printing
EXHIBITOR: bob gusek

EXHIBIT: blacksmith demonstration
EXHIBITOR: dick snow

EXHIBIT: physics
EXHIBITOR: elon university

EXHIBIT: chemistry club
EXHIBITOR: elon university

EXHIBIT: jim branley’s tesla coil
EXHIBITOR: jim branley

EXHIBIT: eletric vehicle display
EXHIBITOR: jack Martin

EXHIBIT: hawbridge school tingering club
EXHIBITOR: adam mcevoy

EXHIBIT: stuffed animal slingshot
EXHIBITOR: bill sterett

EXHIBIT: game over comics: cosplayers
EXHIBITOR: darrian stokes


List of 2013 BMMF Exhibitors

Exhibit: Interactive Musical Tesla Coils
Exhibitor: Robert Beck

Take the chance to control twin audio modulated DRSSTC Tesla coils! Robert will have a keyboard setup so you can play tunes with 100,000 volts!


EXHIBIT: Bricks 4 Kidz
EXHIBITOR: Sheila Steplar

Exhibit: Act/React Arduino
Exhibitor: Kerry Krauss

Exhibit: ShopBot Tools
Exhibitor: TJ Christiansen

ShopBot Tools of Durham NC (Sponsor for our Maker Faire): 


Exhibit: Build Your Own 3D printer
Exhibitor: Lon Cecil

Exhibit: The 105th Squad “Vaders Fist Pump”
Exhibitor: Thomas Fascaldo

Exhibit: Retro Tinker’s CoCo Projects
Exhibitor: John Linville

John’s Fahrfall Blog:  “The Making of Fahrfall

John W. Linville of Mebane NC is a programmer for his day job, but his passion is retro computing and retro computer games.  John has collected, modified, and restored  a large number of older computer systems and video games.  In addition to his games he’s also created a project to convert and play modern digital video on a 1980’s Radio Shack Color Computer 3.  His most recent project is an award winning  new video game for the 1980’s Radio Shack Color Computer 1 and 2 called “Fahrfall”  With the help of other Alamance Makers Guild members,  John has also built a new joystick for “Fahrfall.”  Visitors and Kids are invited to play Fahrfall and learn more about retro computers and computer games.  John can also give you advice for getting that old Atari 2600 or Commodore 64 up and running!


Exhibit: wishbass
Exhibitor: Stephen wishnevsky

Steve’s Website (with links to his MANY projects):


Winston Salem’s Steve Wishnevsky makes amazing musical instruments, guitars, bases, and others from recycled and reclaimed lumber.  His designs are pleasing to both the eye and the ear.  Steve is also an advocate of education, maker spaces, and technical projects and is involved in a giant paper airplane project.


Exhibit: Wireless Energy Tesla Coil
Exhibitor: Jim Branley

Jim Branley of Elon NC is the owner of Branley Electrical Electrical Service.  After watching the movie “The Prestige” (with Nikola Tesla as a character) his son asked him if they could build a Tesla Coil.  Jim went to the internet and to some books to learn more about Tesla and how Tesla Coils work and soon they’d built a 4-foot tall Tesla Coil together!


Exhibit: Prop Building
Exhibitor: Eric Hart

Exhibit: 43oh
Exhibitor: Robert Gasiorowski

Exhibit: The League of Extraordinary Thespians
Exhibitor: Sabrina Otero

Exhibit: 3d printed puzzles
Exhibitor: Bob Gusek

Exhibit: Pup-in-a-Poke/Angela Parrish
Exhibitor: Angela Parrish

Angela and Amanda make useful bags and other objects by crocheting together recycled materials like tee shirts (factory seconds and other recycled shirts) and from plastic yarn made out of recycled plastic grocery bags (a process called Plarning).  Come by, check out their technique, learn about crocheting, and even start on a project of your own.  (Feel free to bring your own clean/intact plastic bags for your own projects or to contribute to Angela’s projects!)

Exhibit: Sumo Bots
Exhibitor: Jochen Fischer

Exhibit: Steampunk art
Exhibitor: Stephen Chapman

Stephen’s YouTube Channel:

Stephen Chapman is a world traveling engineer by day, but for his hobby he is very much into Steampunk artwork.  Steampunk imagines a world of the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s where modern day technology and science is realized through steam power and brass gears by Victorian gentlemen who wear a lot of goggles and rocket packs.  Its a literary form, an art form, and the subject of many conventions and gatherings.  Stephen takes everyday found objects and makes them into steampunk ray guns, costumes, rocket packs, and more.  Come and see some of Stephen’s artwork, and talk to his alter-ego “The Enganear” an operative for “The Company”


Exhibit: Splat Space
Exhibitor: Mike Broome

Exhibit: Deco Mesh Wreaths and Jewelry
Exhibitor: Kristin Wilson

Exhibit: Paper Rockets/ Asheville Makers
Exhibitor: Ian Baillie

Exhibit: Through the Lens Photography
Exhibitor: Alex Reagon

Exhibit: OUt Of minD
Exhibitor: Karen Niemczyk

Exhibit: Woodturning
Exhibitor: Nim Batchelor

Watch Nim and Jim take square wood and through the art of wood turning, create beautiful and useful objects.  Ask them questions, find out how to get involved in wood turning yourself (the hobby of kings) and check out some of the projects that that they’ve made throughout the years.  From hand made chess sets, to turned faces and platters, to pepper mills and secret compartments.

Exhibit: Steampunk Innovations by Brett King
Exhibitor: Brett King

Exhibit: Family projects robotic to artistic
Exhibitor: Danny Oakley

Exhibit: Alamance Makers Guild
Exhibitor: Bennett Harris

The Alamance Makers Guild fan page:
The Alamance Makers Guild Meetup Page: 

Come to the Alamance Makers Guild table to learn more about our organization, and to see some of the other smaller projects made by many of our members.  Pictures of props made for New York City Theater Plays, Examples of Black Smith Projects, and more.  Talk to our members about our goals for starting a Maker Space in Alamance County, or become a member of the guild by joining our fan page on facebook or our meetup group.  You can also sign up for “free tickets” to the show at this table in order to be entered into our random drawing for cool prizes made by our makers and donated by our sponsors.


The following section contains descriptions of some of the exhibits, exhibitors, and projects from the April 2012 Burlington Mini Maker Faire.  We hope that these folks will join us again for the 2013 Burlington Mini maker Faire!


Maker: Ben Harris
Project: Reinventing Science Kits (Reinventing Edison / Reinventing Morse)

Ben Harris of Burlington NC is the owner of Harris Educational and also the founder of the Alamance Makers Guild.  Harris Educational is his maker-business that designs and manufactures educational science kits that are used in schools and at home by hobbyists.  Learn about the history of invention, how a light bulb works, how the first text messaging was done, and how he makes his kits in interactive demonstrations of Reinventing Edison and Reinventing Morse.

Ben’s Fan Page:

Maker: Jonathan Danforth                                                                   Project: Maker Faire NC

By day Jonathan Danforth is a software engineer busy designing user interfaces, but in his spare time, in addition to many maker hobbies like building daguerreotypes, he is the executive director of Maker Faire NC.  With help from a team of volunteers Jonathan is working to hold the third North Carolina Maker Faire this June 16th in Raleigh NC.  Jonathan will be on hand to discuss Maker Faire, the Maker Movement, and why you should make the trek to Raleigh in June for the BIG show.

Maker Faire NC’s Website:

Maker: Ben Harris / Various
Project: Digital Fabrication Technology
(CNC Routers, 3D Printers, and More)

One of the staples of a Maker Space are Digital Fabrication Tools, but what does Digital Fabrication mean?  Digital Fabrication is the use of designs made on a computer, to control a computer-controlled tool in order to cut out, print out, or otherwise make the design into a physical reality.  A great thing about digital designs is they are easy to share, modify, and can be produced locally for sustainable economies!  We’ll have a ShopBot Desktop CNC Router, and some 3D printers (and possibly more) on display to show you the kinds of tools and techniques you’d have access to if we are able to launch our Maker Space for Alamance County.

Open Hardware Project (RepRap 3D Printer/PrusaMendel):
ShopBot Tools of Durham NC (Sponsor for our Maker Faire): 

Maker: Roger Flake and Jeremy Maronpot
Project: Mystery Build Art Kits (Interactive Art Build)

Mystery Build is dedicated to inspiring and rewarding creative thinking through a series of artistic challenges. The company is a project of Raleigh based artists Roger Flake and Jeremy Maronpot. The Mystery Build Challenge, now in it’s second year, is offering $10,000 in cash awards to participants who can create something amazing using only the materials provided in a kit, without knowing what they will have to work with. Participants exercise problem-solving skills to use materials in surprising ways, while creating a work of art and competing against other makers nationwide.

There is also a challenge just for kids. Invent an Animal is a craft project about hands-on, self-directed learning and experimentation. Kids explore their imaginations and creative instincts, and share their talents with the world. The project is an engaging exercise in artistic expression and a great family activity.

Stop by the Mystery Build exhibit and participate in an interactive art project that will be created by the Maker Faire visitors.

Mystery Build’s Website:


Maker: Joie Chapman
Project: Hand Made Jewelry / Props / Costuming

A demonstration of the process of jewelry making, beading, wire wrapping, and much more.  Jewelry can be made from traditional items, beads, and even found items and recycled hardware.

Maker: John Carespodi
Project: LARP Props, Armor, Chain Mail

Check out cool thermoplastic armor, chain mail making techniques, costumes, and other cool crafts relating to live action role playing.

Maker: Steve Reinhart
Project: Trebuchet Light

Steve Reinhart works designing and building signs with CNC machines by day, but on his own time he’s an accomplished artist and sculptor.  He’ll have a few pieces of his artwork on display including his newest project, a Trebuchet Light.  Ask Steve your questions about Art and Sculpture.


Maker: Lon Cecil
Project: CleoDot a robot to play laser tag with your cat

Lon Cecil has designed a robot called CleoDot that can play with his cat Cleopatra.  Not just a static “shake the laser” machine, this robot can move around and interact with cats.  Talk with Lon about his design, and future kits that he will make available.  Learn a little about robotics or ask him your electronics questions.

Lon’s CleoDot Website: 

Maker: FabLocker (Winston Salem Maker Space)
Project: 3D Printers, and other cool maker projects

FabLocker is Winston Salem’s Maker Space.  Their members have many cool projects that will inspire you to make something of your own!  The projects they will be bringing will include:

  • RepRap Prusa 3D Printer
  • RepRap 3D Printer from MakerGear (a commercial kit)
  • Hexapod Walking Robot (uses two servos and a Maestro controller)
  • Quadcopter (printed using a 3D printer)
  • An Egg Bot (CNC Decoration of Easter Eggs)
  • Samples of 3D printed items
  • Via Laptop, a Virtual Tour of the Fab Locker Hacker Space
  • And more!
Fab Lockers Website:

Maker: Hackerspace Charlotte
Project: Many!

Hackerspace Charlotte is Charlotte NC’s maker space and are the proud winners of Make Magazine’s 2011 Hacker Space Challenge.  They have many cool makers, projects, and a lot to share at a maker faire.  Projects this group will be bringing include:

  • Hexacopter
  • Tricopter
  • 3D printers
  • Feltronics
  • A Telepresence robot
  • A small forge
  • Casting equipment
  •  Bicycle Accessories (including LED Lights and Circuit Boards)

Hackerspace Charlotte’s Website:

Maker: Splat Space (Durham Maker Space)
Project: Many!

Splat Space is Durham NC’s own Maker Space.  Known for their lightning talks, open meetings, and educational outreach, the makers from Splat Space will be bringing many cool projects including:

  • A 3D Printer
  • A Home Made CNC printed circuit board mill
  • A Vinyl Cutter
  • Many other cool projects.

Splat Space’s Website:


Maker: Murrah Woodcraft
Project: Thinker Linkers

Thinker Linkers are an exciting and educational toy made by NC’s own Murrah Woodcraft.  They use CNC Machines to cut out child-sized building blocks that kids can make into toys, structures, clubhouses, doghouses, and more!  Always a hit with families at Maker Faire!

Thinker Linker Website:

Maker: Jeremy Maronpot
Project: Metal Sculptures, Giant Turtle

Jeremy Maronpot (of Mystery Build) has made some amazing metal sculptures including a giant turtle.  Along with his Mystery Build art booth he’ll also have his sculptures on display.  Feel free to ask him about his motivation, technique, or other projects.

Maker: Roger Flake
Project: Maze Challenge

Roger Flake (of Mystery Build) has built some really cool maze challenge games where one person builds a maze out of magnetic maze walls, and then another person has to guide a ball through the maze by tilting and moving the maze table.   Stretch your creativity by creating the best maze design!

Maker: NC Maker Faire
Project: Learn to Solder

Maker Faire NC is helping to sponsor the Burlington Mini Maker Faire by donating electronics kits that anyone can use (under their guidance) to learn how to solder.  (they’ll have a tip jar set up for those who would like to contribute towards the experience)… participants will come away with a cool blinky-light robot badge that they’ve put together themselves!

Maker: The Alamance Amateur Radio Club [K4eg]
Project: Ham Radios, Morse Code, Radio and Electronics Kits

Come join the folks from the Alamance County Amateur Radio Club and learn about Ham Radio, Morse Code, Telecommunications, Electronics, and much more.  They’ll be bringing some of their gear, and if signal conditions are right inside the mall (when the Tesla Coil isn’t going) you might just get to connect to other radio operators from all over the world!

ACR Website:

Maker: John Butler and Students from McMichael High School
Project: The Electric Fox (Converted Electric Vehicle)

John Butler’s Technology Education Students from McMichael High School in Rockingham County are part of the EV Challenge.  They’ve taken a discarded gasoline car, removed the engine and all gasoline related components, and converted the vehicle into a functioning street legal electric vehicle.  Each year they compete against other high school students from around the state and the nation in the EV Challenge.  Part of their mission is to bring awareness of green energy and electric vehicles.  They’ll be exhibiting their Electric Fox EV and other student made projects.

Their Website:
More info about the EV Challenge:

Maker: Dino Segovis
Project: Electronics and Robotics

Dino is one of North Carolina’s premier makers!  Details of Dino’s exhibit for this year’s Burlington Mini Maker Faire are pending, but we’re sure he’ll bring a neat selection of electronics, robotics, and some of his latest projects.

Dino’s Website:

Maker: Riley Foster
Project: Metal Sculpture and Artwork made from Recycled Steel

Riley Foster of Mebane NC has been making metal sculptures out of found and recycled materials for 25 years now!  On most weekends he can be found at the Carboro Farmer’s Market, but we are lucky to have him and many of his sculptures and art pieces for our Burlington Mini Maker Faire!  Come by and see his artwork and talk to the artist himself about how and why he creates like he does.

An Article from The Times News about Riley:
Carboro Farmers Market:

Maker: Meltonia Young
Project: Making Quilts and Patterns used on the Underground Railroad

Meltonia Young is an artist and historian and she’s bringing a very unique craft to our maker faire.  She’ll be demonstrating quilt making in cloth or on paper from patterns used by the underground railroad.  Did you know that people risking their lives to help escaped slaves move northward to freedom used secret messages hidden in the designs on their quilts!  You can learn more about it at our Burlington Mini Maker Faire!

Meltonia’s Website:


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