Sign up to be a maker at the 2017 Maker Faire Burlington at the link below. Do not sign up on this page!

2017 Call For Makers Signup Here

The information below is from a previous year.

Fill out the form below to apply as an exhibitor.

Maker Faire is about showcasing YOUR projects, inventions, skills, ideas and art.

Apply by March 31, 2016. Exhibiting is free (there will be a fee for exhibitors who would like to sell their handmade items). Ask us!

Some Guidelines for Exhibits:

  • Best: An interactive exhibit where the public can safely get their hands dirty and make something or learn something. (examples: Learn to Solder, Ham Radio, Squishy Circuits Demo, Recycled Crochet and Plarning)
  • Best: Playful! an interactive exhibit where kids (of all ages) can free their mind and simply play. (examples: Thinker Linkers, Lego Bricks, Robotic Gladiators)
  • Next Best: An in-person demonstration of a project, skill, art, craft, or talent.  Something that will inspire folks to go home and get involved in that subject,or learn more. (examples: Tesla Coil, Wood Turning, Arduino Programming, Underground Railroad Quilting)
  • Next Best: Peformances, Exhibits, or Kinetic Art that include “how and why I made this” (examples: Steam Punk Art, Interesting Musical Instruments, Giant Robot Suits)
  • Next Best: A showcase of your invention, project, new-product, or maker-related business.  (examples: ShopBot Tools, Kickstarter Projects, Science Kits)
  • Ok: Static Displays {in a limited number of spots around the overall exhibit} and only if the creator is willing to be available to answer questions and explain how-why the made what they made. (examples: Sculpture, Student Projects, Science Projects)

A few don’ts:

  • Unsafe Exhibits will not be allowed (a safety plan must be submitted for any exhibit that may be potentially harmful)
  • Maker Faire is about showcasing your ideas and your art,  and is not a trade show or commercial venue. The goal is to inspire (not necessarily to sell). Please keep sales pitches and commercial information to a minimum. All exhibitors who are accepted must have an educational and/or inspirational value in addition to the value of the items they may wish to sell.
  • Arrive late or leave early. The exhibit should be set up and running for the public at 10:00am and you should not tear down your exhibit prior to 6:00pm.  (if you need special accommodations due to distance or other factors please let us know)

New for 2016: Selling your hand-made projects will be possible in 2016 (for a small fee)

Maker Faire is not about selling or commercialism, but we do realize that many makers, artists, and craftspeople pay their expenses or even generate their whole incomes from making and selling items to the public. For 2016 we are working with Holly Hill Mall and Business Center to allow accepted and approved exhibitors (who pay a non-refundable fee up front) the ability to sell hand-made items at our event. This is not meant for larger businesses or many manufactured products. In addition we require that exhibitors selling items also provide value that is educational, inspirational, or entertaining. i.e. the sole purpose of your exhibit should not be sales. The fee will pay our event venue’s commercial fee, any excess income from this fee (based upon the number of exhibitors selling) will go towards other expenses of the 2016 (or future) Burlington Mini Maker Faires. Given that space is limited, we will reserve the right to limit the number of commercial exhibits.

Still With Us? Then fill out this form! (you’ll be contacted by e-mail and by phone as soon as possible if you are accepted)


  • Space (air conditioned inside the mall) generally 10×10 but larger spaces are possible for the right exhibits.  Outside space is also available.
  • Electricity (for those booths that require it, 110 VAC only) Please bring your own UL approved outlet strips, extension cords, and cord hold-downs as needed (rubber trip guards or non-marring gaffer tape only).
  • Tables and Chairs (please note, Tables and Chairs are in short supply at the venue. We will assign chairs and tables to all exhibitors who request them on a first come first serve basis and based upon the distance they have to travel in order to exhibit. If at all possible please bring your own tables and chairs).
  • There is WiFi Access from the event venue however, please note WiFi may be spotty due to the number of people accessing it, or due to radio interference from exhibits such as Tesla Coils. If internet access is critical to your project, please provide your own hot-spot.
  • Promotion of your exhibit with links and information on our makers page, mention on our twitter account, links and promotion via our facebook page.
  • Assistance with unloading, loading, and booth sitters for bathroom breaks thanks to volunteers from  Alamance Makers Guild and their families!
  • A great time, a relaxed atmosphere, lots of good memories!

We will contact everyone who applies and let them know the status of their entry as soon as possible throughout the call-for-makers time period ending March 31, 2016. If you are selected as an exhibitor we will provide you with all of the information you will need to have a safe and enjoyable exhibit.

Feel free to contact us with questions about exhibiting at:

Space is limited so we’ll be accepting exhibits on a first-come first-serve basis, based upon the merits of the exhibit. Email us with any questions.

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